What is Pigeon?

Pigeon is heavily focused on GraphQL based applications and for usage on the backend. Pigeon is built to make fragment & query composition easier, validating incoming data and transforming that data into a minimal shape that can be used by the application UI, shifting the complexity of data transformation to the server.

Why Pigeon?

Pigeon is based on previous work I have done to make building composable (headless/JAMStack) solutions easier. Pigeon is a more focused and refined version of that work, with a focus on GraphQL based applications.

This version utilises the zod validation library to validate incoming data and allows you to transform that data into what your UI needs. Meaning, if you change your endpoint or the shape of the data, you only need to update your Pigeon configuration. You’ll also have confidence that the data you are working with is valid instead of faking it with TypeScript casting.